12 Initiatives Taking Positive Steps Towards a Healthier, Fairer and More Sustainable Food and Agriculture System

The Maya Nut is transforming people’s livelihoods and benefiting the environment all across Central America. (Photo Credit: Maya Nut Institute).

By Ioulia Fenton and Adam Nelson, Institute of Advanced Development Studies (INESAD) La Paz, Bolivia The world’s global food and agriculture system is not working. On the one end, the Green Revolution has converted much farmland into industrial agricultural production that uses man-made chemical pesticides and fertilizers instead of methods that are more harmonious with […]

The Bio Village: Upscaling Biodiversity in Bangladesh


Bangladesh has already achieved 40 years of independence and the development of the agricultural sector has been tremendous. It has been accelerated and transformed through innovative agricultural development projects and technologies of the International Rice Research Institute, as well as collaborations of Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, BRAC Agriculture Unit and other […]

“We Want Monsanto Out of Nepal”


On September 13, 2011, USAID announced a partnership with Monsanto and the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC) for introducing and promoting hybrid maize seeds in Nepal. The move became a controversial one and a group of activists formed a nationwide campaign ‘Stop Monsanto in Nepal’. The campaigners also organized a sit-in protest in front […]

2,200 Households Better Off in South Sudan


With failed rains, conflict and poor infrastructure, many communities in South Sudan struggle to get enough to eat. Justin Madut tends his new groundnut and sorghum fields. Justin Madut’s family was one of many badly affected by a long drought that lasted for six months. They had only one meal a day during the drought. […]