A Woman’s Work: Women in the Middle East Choose Untraditional Roles

by Adam Pitt   Mir and Hajar are graduates from the International Maritime College Oman (IMCO) in the Omani city of Sohar. Having become friends after enrolling on a four-year bachelor’s degree programme in marine engineering they are also blazing a new trail for women’s education in Oman, and the Middle East. “Even in western […]

Helena Lutege: A female entrepreneur transforming the lives of thousands in Tanzania

Helena, the BELITA founder, standing in front of the servant's quarter's old BELITA office.

Mrs. Helena Lutege is an inspiring women entrepreneur in Tanzania. Coming from a background characterised by poverty, she was determined to work hard to break through and live a decent life. Helena is the founder of Better Life for Tanzanians Trust Fund (BELITA), a microfinance organisation which she started eight years ago to provide financial services to small entrepreneurs, especially women, in Tanzania. Helena was born […]

“10 Women Who Inspire Me”

10 Inspiring Women

Throughout September 2012, Worldwatch Institute celebrated the crucial role that women and youth play in ushering in the just and environmentally sustainable future that we’re working hard to bring about. Even in the 21st century, women own less than 15 percent of the world’s land, earn 17 percent less than men on average, and comprise […]

Will There Ever Be An End To Child Marriage In Bangladesh?

Despite it being illegal, girls continue to be married off very young in Bangladesh (Photo Credit: UCSD)

A good proportion of girls across Bangladesh go into the bed of wedlock before reaching the age of 18, despite the practice being prohibited about eight decades ago. This is mainly due to loose intervention by the authorities to stop child marriage. The legal age for marriage is 21 for boys and 18 for girls, […]

Climate Change and Gender Inequality in Bolivia: Why We Need Sustainable Development

Bolivia's Indigenous Women (Photo Credit: Fantastic-dl.blogspot.com)

June 2012 saw the convergence of world leaders, powerful participants of world governments, agents of the private sector, and non-governmental organizations at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The goal – to discuss, define and agree on an international document wherein governments can provide a framework for economic growth […]

Women of the Revolution: GSDM Summer 2012 OUT NOW.

GSDM Header 2012

    The latest issue of GSDM is out now for free download. Focusing on the Women of the Revolution in the Middle East and Africa, contributions from Catriona Knapman, Tawakel Karman, and Ioulia Fenton take a positive look at female empowerment. As always, however, the edition is not limited to the cover story. James Belgrave writes […]

Watch This Space: GSDM July 2012 Issue

Women of The Revolution GSDM Summer 2012

Dear readers, our July 2012 edition is going to be published next week, Monday, 23rd of July 2012! Waiting begins now and here’s a snapshot of the cover. Thanks for your continuous support and watch this space: